A practical guide to transforming and enriching your life through the power of your voice

We are noisy creatures from the start. From the first roar of life, as we take our first breath, we use are voices to connect with the world. The sounds we make, the tones we use, the words we choose – all direct our lives and shape our identity. We buy a cappuccino, swear undying love, declare war, praise from our hearts, damn, connect, correct and reject – all by opening our mouths. They are a representation of our blueprint, and just like our fingerprints, Iris, or DNA, reflect our core energies.

“Our voices tell our stories, they are the very blueprint of our psyche and how we use our voice can utterly change our lives”, says Stewart Pearce.

As well as coaching leading Actors like Minnie Driver, Vanessa Redgrave, Joely Richardson, Michelle Williams, Hugh Bonneville, Eddie Redmayne, Simon Callow, Matthew Goode, and Mark Rylance, Stewart works as a Master of Presentation facilitating international corporate & celebrity clients. Stewart has also coached Margaret Thatcher, Diana Princess of Wales, Anita Roddick, Mo Mowlem, Evgeny Lebedev, Marianne Williamson, and the presenters of the successful LONDON 2012 OLYMPIC BID.

This book gives every reader effective and easy to follow methods of improving their communication process with the rest of the world. It will help you in every circumstance, big or small, personal or professional, at home and at work. From pitching presentations or conducting meetings, to sorting out squabbling teenagers or seducing the object of your romantic desire. This book will even enable you to simply have fun.

Throughout evolution mankind has developed the potential of voiced sound, from home entertainment – singing, reading aloud and story telling, to sacred chant, and the use of voice for healing. But, the mechanistic reductionist trends of the last three centuries have robbed many of us of the power of our voice.

“We have lost our song lines through the oral traditions that guided both our secular and sacred voices” writes Stewart.

This loss deprives us of much enjoyment, solace, healing and information. Yet, internationally renowned Voice Coach Stewart Pearce who was the Master of Voice at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre London, and Head of Voice at the renowned Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art believes there is an even more profound loss. For each one of us, he believes, has a voice at the very core of our humanity; if we disregard its power, we risk losing our very identity.

Stewart says each one of us has his or her own ‘signature note’, which is the very song of our soul, an ancient concept made palatable for modern daily life.

This note, which is unique to each individual, lies at the very heart of our physicality. If we are unable to sound the fullness of this note we become imbalanced: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

THE ALCHEMY OF VOICE guides the reader through a process, which restores vocal power, and as Stewart guides us to our own signature note, he also helps us to learn how to heal our lives through our voice. The authenticity and force that he uses is the Alchemy principle of energy transmutation.

Voice and sound connect us all to the rest of the Universe. The vibrations of our voices echo the vibrations of our bodies, and in turn echo the music of the whole natural world. For instance, in a survey when North Americans were asked to hum the first note that arose from their beings they produced B Flat, while Europeans produced G Sharp. Welsh Valley dwellers use sound patterns that reflect the undulating nature of their home landscape, whilst city folk tend to use a sharp, glottal attack in keeping with the starkness of urban architecture.

THE ALCHEMY OF VOICE is a self-healing book, which echoes the concerns and desires of the 21st Century. Stewart Pearce draws on decades of working as a Voice Coach in the United Kingdom and the United States. He has made in depth research into the use of the voice in many different cultures – from Native American via the Orient. to European sensibility. He has produced an inspirational, fascinating and practical book, which is relevant for simply everyone.

The knowledge contained within this book will help every reader to step on the path of happiness. Stewart says “Our voice is a means for revelation, if we are aware that we can harmonise ourselves through its power, we can move from negative disenchantment into knowing what is enchanting about our lives.”

This book encapsulates the zeitgeist of our lives during this important time of planetary change, as we shift from impacted Patriarchal structures to managing Feminine principles, Stewart believes that an awareness of the voice will create a greater connection in all our relationship structures.

Mark Rylance has written a foreword to the book as a moving tribute to this man of voice, whom he feels gave Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre it’s own unique voice ~ a sound that resonated the glory and integrity of human spirit.

“He who knows the secret of sound, knows the mystery of the Universe”