During this period of vast change (2018) global executives are experiencing such demand upon their lives. This month I’ve consulted with five major CEO’s and each are on the verge of a nervous collapse, one acute cardiology, and three with acute intestinal challenges such as ulcers and IBS.

In addition, there are the challenging and competitive demands of the Global market place, the advanced demand from management for new ideas, new strategies, and emotional intelligence. Furthermore, transparency and the insurgent demand to be a living exponent of enlightened leadership, and the constant cry from HR for sustainability and diversity – all these measures place a huge responsibility on the shoulders of the CEO, Managing Director, Entrepreneur, or Chief Finance Operator.


Over the years, many of the Executives who have been clients – arriving initially to acquire skills around the substance of Speech Making, or Public Performance because their voices have let them down – have needed to be listened to on a level of profoundity (its really all in the listening, both cause and effect) in order to abate the substance of their ‘super stress’. The constant production line of superlative deliveries, upholding the changing face of corporate values, uneven behavior in office politics, constant air travel, demanding schedules, internal pressures – all and more, lead the Executive to confront the physical disease of stress, and inevitably this destabilizes performance, in the Boardroom or on the Podium.


Over the years I’ve created fail-safe techniques of being able to transform these challenge through alchemy, opening the inner being of the client, suggesting a new behavior regime through relaxation, and re-harmonizing the private challenges produced by feeling low, or uncomfortable, as a result of the stress.

Coaching sessions move through a plethora of subjects, but are all developed towards the client creating a unique and highly authentic personal style, an evolving creativity, a wiser personal horizon, and rich resourceful problem solving – providing the client with the opportunity to restore richness – particularly when self-esteem is low through exhaustion.

“The mounting pressures of the top-flight Executive of today are more demanding, and more multifaceted, than every before. This maybe an illustration of how richly productive we have become, but certainly indicate a new way of approaching business is needed, and one that is based on collaboration not competition, on care-frontation and not confrontation!”