We all yearn to be entertained and informed by a ‘public speaker’. We want to hear someone who possesses inspiration, great data, warm humanity, and a honeyed voice. We wish to feel personal inspiration seeping through subject matter that illuminates. We desire to experience a manner of being that is engagingly human and hopefully endearing, and in my experience the most effective communicator, evokes the fire and passion of inspiration, changing the austerity or formality of any occasion into a heart centered, humorous, meaningful embrace. Form balanced with feeling, is one of the most outstanding and sensitive considerations of the INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKER!

“Inspiration radiates or streams from a speaker, when they are illuminated by pure confidence, wondrous passion, and amazing allure!” RICHARD BRANSON

The word inspiration is derived from the Latin ‘inspirare’ meaning ‘to be influenced by the Divine’, and is mostly referred to as the breath taken in, in order to live the vitality of life, in order to feed our bodies with vital force, and in order to empower ourselves into a motivated existence, full of meaning and purpose. Respiration is equalized by the two parts – INSPIRATION and EXPIRATION, and yet we so often do not realize that breath is the animating principle of the Universe, and we are alive as its consequence!

Therefore, the inspirational speaker is one who resonates breath vitality in form, possessing economy, humanity, strength, magnetism, presence, persuasion, charm, caring, and charisma.

Most people face PUBLIC SPEAKING with trepidation and nervousness, in an acute state of uneasiness, and in answer to this I’ve spent over thirty years easing this burden for clients, helping them understand why the anxiety maybe, sensitively encouraging the individual to seek out the reason for why they feel so oppressed. Using leading edge relaxation tools – principally through deep breathing processes and hypnosis, we call upon altering the tension into ease, freedom, release of challenge, and living through a new process of pure empowerment. All these techniques have been derived from the craft of the great Classical Actor. For thirty-eight years I’ve been engaged as a Voice Coach, training and coaching Actors, Executives, Celebrities, States People and Royalty. Assisting all to be spell-binding story tellers, in their own unique and authentic way.