We are witnessing a revolution within our societies and commerce, within information technology, within social media, within the increased productivity of the demanding contemporary workplace, within our bodies, and within what we believe our lives to be about. There is a new form of ‘consciousness’ fermenting, where business transactions alongside social media the world over, are becoming the main conduits for social, cultural and political change. This engine needs careful brokerage, brought together by neo-paradigm leaders that radiate and generate confidence wherever they move. These are THE BRILLIANT LEADERS, who light up as they move, and therefore encourage a similar enlightening within ourselves.


Brilliant Leaders inspire us by their presence, urging us to choose the highest choice, igniting our passion to the limit of our beings. All this they achieve by living in fully present and embodied states, exploring logic and intuition as they create out of the box, seeing whole systems from a radically effective point of view

When attempting to define their power, we superficially record their strategy abilities, their management power, their vision, their people skills and their intelligent use of contemporary notions. However, truly brilliant or enlightened leaders live a more primal note ~ they encourage us to feel our own emotions through the empathy of their own being.


When leaders of this caliber focus the mobility of their team, creating patterns of development strategy, they operate through purity of action, and the courage to sail against the current wave of thought, simply because they perceive the optimum potential of the workforce. Their illumination is not what they act upon, it is how they act, how they achieve success, because they initiate their primary feelings in the most appropriate direction.

The key to this is simple ~ enlightened leaders function through emotional intelligence. They inspire others to stimulate awareness of self, and then an awareness of public responsibility. These scintillating qualities occur in consequence of the fact that they observe their own beings and relationships with care and open-heartedness. They have are guiding star as we connect with the vast ocean of emotional energy that permeates our world.