The voice of change is an opportunity to examine if the voice we use in our daily lives is the voice that truly transmits the essence of what we wish to be seen to do and be in the world. This point of reckoning is a time to reflect on the fundamental question about how we communicate our purpose, if we are truly expressing the totality of our purpose, and from the very core of our beings. The voice of change elicits by entering into the signature note of our vocal range, finding the true core of who we are, and how we can be the power and glory of our lives in the world.

The voice of change holds sparkling authenticity in the waves of its resonance. The voice of change speaks with passionate truth, sharing the most powerful engine we humans possess, our empathy. The voice of change does not hide from fear, humiliation, embarrassment, or subterfuge. The voice of change speaks, shouts, or cries-out with a gusto that evolves courage and determination, finding its breath-ways to express personal sovereignty. The voice of change sounds our world into existence. The voice of change does not mumble or murmur, it resonates with a force that arises from deep inside, accumulated through years of plummeting the deep pools of our consciousness, and expressing the conviction that lies therein – a truth which is most credible, most raw, most vital, and most beautiful – about who we are, and how our soul breathes.


The voice of change is owned fully by the speaker, physically resonating from their core, clarified by distinct diction, reverberating its primal sound, honed by the beauty of its physical capacity, and crafted by the majesty of its mental clarity. The voice of change is shaped by bare survival, identifying and then resolving pain, ignominy, strife, abuse, denial, guilt, shame, injustice, betrayal, and hatred. The voice of change allows the soul of the speaker to shape the destiny of their message, and thus claims a position of unique brilliance. The voice of change has only one clear quest – that the pathway of destiny be laid with silver and gold – leading the individual through an open heart, and a creative excellence that is a surrender to the full loving force of the Universe.

The voice of change is the only constant we have. For in truth when change occurs, it signifies that we are fully alive, moving forward, spiriting ourselves into creation, aligning our soul’s destiny, dynamically engaged, moving to the beat of our hearts, breathing to the steadiness of our footfall, as we walk with courageous gravity along the red path of life.