“I know what I want to say, so why can’t I say it!” is the phrase I hear constantly from CEO’s and Director Clients. Mostly these people are garrulous, extrovert, strategic, communicative women and men, and yet when moving into the public speech arena, key-note address, pitch summary, strategy meeting, or planning conference, nerves set in and displace the assured individual into a hand-quivering, knee-vibrating, breathless voice – unless that is they have acquired vocal assurance by knowing how to make it all work in any situation!


All voices can be opened, made more flexible, or developed into being powerful instruments, with a little help from friends, with a little assistance from craft principles. By way of allusion, you can see this in relation to great Actors, whose task it is to imaginatively, and instinctively open the inner presence and soul of the person they are given to play. They make it look so easy, the great ones, because they examine what it is to ‘BE’ that person, not what it is to ‘DO’ that person. At the core of great Acting is a ‘truth of feeling statement’, for if as an audience member you don’t feel the moment to be true, then you cease observing the spectacle, or being an ‘audience’ member. Actors make borrowed words credible, and they make it look so easy, yet in fact they have worked hard through discovering the body language, growing the voice tone, evolving the most true articulation of the intention, the sense, the thought or the action.


Craft arises from repetition, repeating the same thing time and time again until they become natural – the same goes for public declaration or speaking. If you can find an open-ness of musculature throughout the body, from exercise, from deep breathing techniques, vocal centering, and speech flexibility, the individual soon realizes that to be ‘calm, commanding and conscious’ is the only way to be present, released from stress, and completely focused.

Therefore, you can clearly see my work as an Executive Voice Coach or Speech Coach isn’t corrective, setting someone into the gestalt of ‘there is only one way to do this, and that is like this!” My work is facilitation, helping the leading player to be totally embodied, for it is from this state that great performance grow!

“Repetition is the Mother of Skill!” OPRAH WINFREY