The NLP indicators above clearly indicate (see the blog report entitled Presentations that are Pitch Perfect) that it’s not what we say, but how we say it that matters. Body Language and Voice Tone communicate the perfect pitch, and as if by magic create presentation success. These two degrees – meaning the way the whole of our physical presence is brought into action, and the way our voice energy, tone, modulation, inflection, and vocal center are utilized, formulate the means by which we actually experience and communicate panache, pizzazz, vitality, style, allure, magnetism, star quality, and that extra special USP of charisma – to any presentation. Body language and Voice Tone are quintessential, and so significant attention must be given to them, to determine the fluidity of presentation approach.


Our degree of success as inspirational communicators is modulated or tempered by the following considerations:

  • How present are you in each moment?
  • How ‘focused’ are your communication processes? Focus means the way that we physically attend to the mental intention, and the word is based on an old Celtic word meaning ‘fire or hearth’. This means ‘seeing’ those to whom you communicate just as we are drawn fire, using stillness to keep eye contact even, balanced and steady, as though the thought or intention was a laser shone onto or into the audience. This alerts the body to be more alive, more aware, and rhythmically open – conversely using a lack of clarity, dissipated eye contact, and unclear body language loses the audience in a field of obscurity
  • How much presence do you feel you have as a result of being present, with each sense awake, alive, vital, and open?
  • How interested are you in your audience?
  • How open are you to using a magnetic voice, as a leading determining factor in the process of eliciting their interest, and communicating inspirationally?
  • How aware through relaxation are you?
  • How much stillness, balanced with dynamism, do you have?
  • How aware are you to the energy field or AURA of your being?
  • How aware are you of how your physical appearance has a tremendous affect on your audience, making or breaking your presentation?
  • How interested are you in ‘seducing’ your audience into listening, or drawing them to the absolute heart, soul or core of what you wish to say? These latter degrees really open the potential for being reviewed as an inspirational and charismatic speaker