The secrets of the Earth are yours, for millennia ago you came to this planet as tiny children, and being nurtured grew to adulthood upon her skin. Your soul is constructed from the very fabric of the Universe, existing from the beginning of time, and so your spirit is part of her, just as ours is also. It is this link with Father Universe and Mother Earth that you will find significantly amplified through us, the Angels of Atlantis.

Without the love, goodness, mercy and tender care of Mother Earth your physical bodies will not survive. Similarly, without her spiritual care your non-physical bodies could not fulfill their tasks.
 You are from cosmic dust made, and are a being of the Earth, the Heavens, and each part of all things in the Cosmos.

Come stand with us now, we that hover as Orb Wanderers in loving service of your being, we who connect you with the surface of Terra Firma. Let your feet feel the firm love of the Earth Mother. Then turn your face to the sky, feel the warmth and love of the Creator through your Sun. Then, cradled as you are on this beautiful planet, allow your heartbeat to slowly merge with the pulse of the Earth, feeling her soul link with yours.

Every thought you have affects the Gaia, every feeling affects her, for you are co-creators in the evolution of all souls. Therefore, co-exist together in reverence, co-produce in harmony, co-manifest in grace. You are involved in an inclusive relationship with the all that is – everyone and everything is significant, for every particle makes a difference to the whole!

The choice is yours – yet remember we are always there for you. We pledge our love to you, helping you link more intimately with the Earth and her mysteries. Just as you link with the Stars and their mysteries, for you originally came from the Stars!

Hear the voice of the Angels as the crashing of the waves on a beach; feel our touch in the drops of rain on your face; know our love in the kiss of sunlight on your brow; see our love of life in the wind that blows the great trees; hear our words in the SILENCE of the moment. Angelic strength, tenderness and timelessness are here for you always.

Our lives are woven together, for you and we are fundamental to the Universe, and it is this consciousness that creates the materia of the worlds. Therefore, you are not ordinary, you are not a thing, you are an infinite vessel of extraordinary love. You are a cosmic listening post within an ocean of sound, and so let us work together, let us create the universal living of this fundamental principle. Let us help you open your sacred coordinate, which is hardwired to communicate with all life within the Universe…………OM LOVE……Stewart

(copyright: Stewart Pearce)