“I have watched with complete admiration the transformative power of Stewart’s work with the actors of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Whether working with relative newcomers to the theatre or with seasoned professionals, his guidance and insight have proven to be inspirational as well as providing a thoroughly practical approach to achieving remarkable results.”

PETER KYLE, General Manager, Shakespeare’s Globe.

“Stewart’s métier is extraordinary, and he has helped me find the soul of my voice, as well as serving as my Master of Voice at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre during my administration as Artistic Director 1996-2006. Indeed, Stewart continues to help me find the soul of the characters I play, whether it be for Theater or Film. Wherever I may be Stewart directs me into my authentic voice, into the essence of each part I play – his presence in my life has been incalculable, wise, innovative and as a truth bringer!”

“This book is by a voice coach who has worked with household names and those in the public eye. He has to be taken seriously in a time when there is much information about sound as a healing modality. This book is a most refreshing change from ‘new age’ wish-thinking through mantra processes. Here you ‘hear’ a knowledgeable understanding of what actually works to transform. I am happy to wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who wants to discover themselves through their most potent art: the sound of their own voice.”

“Stewart brings the Muse into the workplace. He transforms lack of confidence into strength, passion and resonance. Stewart has an incredible gift; his magic is one that reaches deep inside all of us to release life potential which transforms our everyday existence. This he encourages and enchants by living totally in the present!”

MARK RYLANCE, Oscar Winning Actor
PETER HARRISON, Director of Watkins Books
JANE SWIFT, BT Executive

“Stewart’s gift is incalculable. His timeless wisdom and practical knowledge is unique, and give him a leading edge position as a Master of Voice & Performance who not only coaches but truly heals. Stewart is an inspiration to us all, and has helped me personally with such lovely generosity. We all need Stewart in our lives!”

DIANA, Princess of Wales

“There is nothing as empowering, enabling or utterly mobilising as the impassioned voice of a leader”

“The single tragedy of this book is that the reader may never get to hear the author’s voice for themselves. I have worked with Stewart for over ten years, have heard even the most reserved or reticent of voices ‘sing a bolder and much happier song’ through his highly transformational work. I remain utterly convinced that Stewart is one of the world’s greatest modern communicators. In this hybrid technological world, Stewart Pearce teaches us to recognize the power of the human voice and how it may achieve a far more dramatic result than our noise filled minds would have us believe.”


“Stewart is truly inspirational and so beneficial. I felt like a new me at the end of the session!”

“Stewart Pearce is a fantastic coach. It was so refreshing to get a performing arts perspective on business issues.”

“Brilliant course with Stewart Pearce. One of the most useful workshops I have ever been to. Positive results applying Stewart’s techniques were immediately visible for all to hear and see!”


“There I was, a withered heap on the floor. I’ve just been informed I’ll be hosting a Stage Show for an audience of 600 piranhas, ready to gnaw me to the bone at the first trip of my tongue. I’m sweating, I feel sick, my ‘tiger of fear’ roars and opens its mouth wide…..then ENTER STAGE LEFT STEWART PEARCE….. the most awesome of ‘Tiger Tamers’. I stand tall, discover my centre, breathe deeply, find my note. I hold on tightly and ride that tiger. Suddenly the piranhas transform and I feel great. Thanks Stewart, your information is awesome and so are you!”

PETER CROSS, Managing Director ~ Yellow Door Communications
FEONA McEWAN, Group Communications Director of WPP Programmes
GAYNOR HODGE, Technical Manager ~ L’Oreal, Golden Ltd, London

“Stewart gives sound to sense. Students and teachers alike leave his sessions transformed, feeling supported and empowered. They no longer strut and fret. They begin to see a glimmer of what this Master teaches, words become more feeling based as expressions of thought and feeling, which signifies everything. They discover that they really can possess the power of great speaking. This book THE ALCHEMY OF VOICE is much awaited and will soon become treasured reading for thousands of people.”

PATRICK SPOTTISWOODE, Director of Globe Education, Shakespeare’s Globe

“Stewart Pearce totally understands the most important thing about voice; that the meaning it seeks to convey is as much the sound as the sense. The voice has within it deep vibrations that create similar vibrations in the audience. These vibrations are a primal causeway, and can reach the deepest part of the human being.

Only live theatre can offer this particularly profound and direct communication, and only voice can effect it. As Master of Voice, Stewart knows this and shows us with infinite ease how to release and harness this extraordinary power.

What Stewart extols and lives in his teaching could change the theatre of the present into the theatre of the future, an altogether different and more potent medium, and in consequence those who study his methods may become the channels for as yet scarcely untapped powers ~ he is extraordinary!”

“Stewart Pearce is among those great voice teachers who realize that the best voice work is not physical at all, but profoundly involved with the actor’s deepest feelings.

At the instance of our entry into the world we draw a great breath – ATEM – the ancient word for breath also means life, and what else does our voice represent but the willingness to go on breathing, to go on in the deepest sense, living?

Here is a profound teacher whom I have never heard make a crass judgement about a vocal problem. Stewart is supremely on the side of the actor struggling for expression, looking always for the human being beneath the ‘problem’. It is a cliché of the modern day, but his approach has always been, and can only be holistic. At its best, his work opens someone up to a proper experience of their feelings and thus to a more fulfilling experience of life itself ~ his book is a must for all of us.”

“Stewart Pearce is not only a true Master of Voice, he is a Master of the Heart too. He has an extraordinary ability to connect actors (indeed all people) with their own authentic voice ~ what he calls ‘our signature note’~ and the truth that lies within each of our hearts. His propensity to nurture and free the actor’s voice is quite breathtaking; he simply knows the sound of the complete intention.

This book is a MUST for anyone interested in any kind of speaking, whether this be public or private, for captains of industry or actors ~ with his outstanding, knowledge and presence Stewart can literally change your life!”

SIMON CALLOW CBE, Actor, Writer and Man of Letters.
DI TREVIS, International Theatre Director and Teacher
BARBARA GAINES, Artistic Director of Chicago Shakespeare Theater, USA.