Mentorship for the World’s Leading Chief Executives

Leaders today face intense pressure, demand and challenge.  For in these times of rapid globalisation, automation and social change, there are greater risks and opportunities than ever before.

Stewart Pearce is an extraordinary force, providing a unique resource for the world’s most iconic leaders and their teams. Stewart Pearce empowers highly talented people to quickly overcome their challenges, fears and doubts, so that they may move into personal authenticity, expertise and genius. This is a process whereby the personnel will feel immensely understood and empowered.

Gifted and extraordinary Business Leaders; States-people; Royalty and Oscar-winning stars, have found their true calling and genius through the Mentorship of Stewart Peace.

People of great ability, and intellect have discovered that Stewart Pearce as a Master of Voice and Presentation is uniquely able to provide a safe space, gravitas and deep understanding, that is needed to liberate a new level of extraordinary performance.  At this level of excellence they can place authentic power, presence and purpose at the forefront of their career.

Corporate Organisations and Leaders Mentored by Stewart Pearce obtaining world-class success include:

Goldman & Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Giorgio Armani, L`Oreal, BT, BBC, ITN, Qatar Holdings, World News, The 2012 London Olympic Bid, McKinsey & Co, WPP, UBS, Nat West, Vidal Sassoon, Redken and McKenzie Boston, and The British Government.


  • Unshakeable personal power

  • Personal confidence

  • Radiate authority

Mastery Mentorship

Stewart Pearce provides a signature, custom-made mentoring program for Corporate Executives, Founders, Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders. These processes are comprised of precision, insight and skillful guidance concerning how to master major events or challenges, whether they be personally or professionally.  

As a valued added program Stewart Pearce provides an on-going monthly Mentorship and development process, to help the Executive acquire leading edge presence and magnetism.  Stewart has been flown into special crisis situations to provide expert insight and counsel, in relation to high stake negotiations and competitive pitches – on these occasions leaders have been requested to make strong, persuasive and compelling cases to stakeholders.

Stewart Pearce Leaders develop:

  • Unshakeable personal power, and magnetic persuasive presence that inspires change
  • A deep sense of personal confidence, clarity, and creativity for future-facing challenge

  • Radiating authentic leadership and authority, in any situation where the workforce needs to be inspired to create win-win outcomes

Unique Programs will be offered upon application

The Brilliant Leader
Corporate Workshop

Corporations in the UK, United States, Middle East and Europe have requested ‘The Brilliant Leader Workshop’ from Stewart Pearce, in order to unleash new levels of creativity, engagement and inspiration from their teams.  During this entertaining and exciting workshop, leadership teams can become more effectively able to hold self-mastery and professional competence in their communication processes.

They develop mastery in the following key areas:

  • An opportunity to TRANSMUTE the negatives that stop them from achieving excellence at home and work, in private and professional contexts

  • An INVESTIGATION into how unconscious blocks blunt the purpose of performing effectively

  • An EXPLORATION into how the energy of body and voice may be used to accelerate learning about performance

  • An UNDERSTANDING of how to quickly develop resilience, and transform or adapt to the pace and scope of constant change

  • FOCUSING creativity and imagination into developing a vision of the future for themselves and the organisation’s creative scope

  • ACCESSING the mysterious inner force that allows them to create and innovate effortlessly

  • PIONEERING new individual horizons to connect to their own highest professional potential