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Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking and Transform Your Voice
with The Magnetic Voice Academy

‘Glossophobia’ or the fear of public speaking, is considered the most common phobia in the world, affecting 75% of people. Public speaking anxiety is more prevalent than the fear of death, spiders, or heights.

The National Library of Medicines conducted a study that showed:

  • 40% of people did not like the sound of their own voice.
  • 60% reported dissatisfaction when hearing a recording of their voice.
  • 51% stated they would consider interventions to improve their voice.
  • Of those who indicated they may elect to change their voice, qualities regarding clarity and pitch were paramount.

Imagine walking into any room and instantly commanding attention. Picture your voice captivating everyone, exuding confidence and authority. Sounds like a dream? It’s not. The Magnetic Voice Academy is your gateway to transforming your voice and your life. Join the ranks of countless others who have unlocked their vocal power with Stewart Pearce’s unparalleled guidance.

Stewart pearce
STEWART PEARCE is a world-renowned Voice & Presence Coach who has spent the last forty years as the go-to Voice Coach for the great and the good. Stewart's work has inspired change during key moments of history, as you may read in ‘DIANA THE VOICE OF CHANGE’ concerning his work with the late Diana Princess of Wales, during the last two years of her life. Stewart has coached Margaret Thatcher, Anita Roddick, Vanessa Redgrave, Hugh Bonneville, Eddie Redmayne, and Mark Rylance - to name just a few. Stewart helps thought leaders and change makers to achieve a more authentic presence, as they ignite their radiance to broadcast their unique message in the world.
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The Magnetic Voice

The Magnetic Voice Academy fully embraces the need for a captivating vocal presence. A magnetic voice does not pierce the air or ear with the harsh, metallic, nasal pinch of vocal tension. Instead, it is rich in color, tone, earthiness, and gravity. It draws listeners into the inspiration of the speaker’s context, created by the fully embodied, magnetic truth of the speaker’s heart. It weaves magic through the choice and richness of ‘spellbinding’ words, adding flavor, significance, and meaning to the presentation.

A Magnetic Voice possesses a timbre that arises from a depth of life experience and emotional intelligence. It flows from being full-lunged, limber-lipped, and open-throated. This voice carries the conviction of resonance, with each word holding the air in a mesmeric fashion, while conveying the power of meaning and truth in every pause.

Consider the voices of Barack Obama, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King Jr., Meryl Streep, Jacinda Ardern, and Glenn Close. These voices compel you to listen, due to their ownership, embodiment, and splendor.

The Magnetic Voice Academy isn’t your average voice training program. It combines ancient wisdom with modern techniques to deliver rapid, lasting results. This comprehensive approach is designed to make your voice stand out in any crowd.


Every module builds on the last, ensuring you develop a powerful, resonant voice that commands attention and respect.

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Gain a commanding, resonant voice:

A powerful, resonant voice can open doors you never imagined. People are naturally drawn to voices that convey confidence and clarity. This course helps you develop a voice that commands attention and respect.

Enhance your public speaking and communication skills:

Public speaking is crucial for career advancement and personal growth. Our techniques improve your articulation, projection, and overall delivery, ensuring you make a lasting impact.

Boost your confidence in professional and personal interactions:

A strong voice enhances your confidence. Speak with ease and authority, and watch your ability to lead and connect grow exponentially.

Learn at your own pace with lifetime access to the course materials:

Busy schedule? No problem. Enjoy lifetime access to all course materials. Learn at your own pace, revisit lessons, and master each technique on your timeline.

Connect with a community of like-minded individuals:

Join a community of learners who share your goals. Gain motivation, feedback, and camaraderie from a supportive network, enriching your learning experience.

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What's On Offer

  • Comprehensive voice training program: $1000 value
  • Personalized feedback from Stewart Pearce: $2000 value
  • Access to a supportive community: $200 value
  • Bonus materials: $400 value






Try the Magnetic Voice Academy risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund your purchase – no questions asked. We’re confident in the transformative power of our course and want you to feel secure in your investment.

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To ensure that Stewart is available to all students through our dedicated support community, we intentionally limit the number of participants in each course. This ensures that every student receives personalized attention and access to Stewart’s expert guidance. By keeping numbers small, we can maintain a high level of interaction and support, allowing you to fully benefit from the comprehensive training provided. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your voice with individualized feedback and support from one of the best in the field.

Enroll now to secure your spot and experience the unparalleled benefits of The Magnetic Voice Academy.

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Transform your voice and your life today.

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