True magnificence can occur in any formal presentation, if the speaker is fully embodied, but the surprise is that most presenters are just talking heads!

To be real, to be authentic, to be vulnerable, to be open, to be embodied, to be integrated and in the ‘zone’, is to be in the altered state of consciousness that makes a great performance. This state of being utterly transforms an audience into a receptive, appreciative, and heartfelt organism.

Stewart Pearce’s holistic approach arises from the craft skills of the great Actor, and is drawn from forty years worth of coaching experience, assisting leading speakers – States-people, Royalty, Celebrities, Actors, and CEO’s to be powerful, passionate and persuasive in presence. From these skills true excellence is created, when the power of the presenter evokes a totally embodied state of being. Embodiment means that the presenter isn’t a talking head, but one who is passionate about their pitch, centered in their vocal delivery, grounded in their body language, and expressively athletic. These are the skills that create vitality in an audience, for these are the means that make a presenter truly spell binding – with an allure that always inspires.


  • Confidence & Allure are the chief attracters

  • Using your signature sound develops magnetism

  • Discovering the rhythm of your breath creates ease and magic

  • Evolving your authentic voice evolves presence

  • Charisma and Soul manifest a wealth of power and creativity

  • Words of power emit greatness and charge the listener

  • Identifying your USP ignites a profound spark that is your magnificence


THE SPEAKERS PLATFORM will provide you with the confidence and pizzazz that will allow you to explore the most exciting, innovative, and significant presentation skills of our contemporary period. This amazing craft will introduce you to the effortless techniques of world-class public speaking.

Presentation is an art form based on presence, a human quality that is derived from being calm, commanding and confident. So why not be coached by an international Mentor, and see how you may be completely authentic, wholly magnetic, and full of allure, in each one and every one of your presentations, no matter how large the group.

Living this process is initially established through a series of radical embodiment techniques; pathways that nourish the physical, emotional, and mental bodies with energy. The result is a completely natural state of being, and from this center the power of your emerging authentic PERSONA is expressed.


  • Developing an understanding of how profound presentation skills will indicate what a great leader is. This is defined and understood in relation to the highest aspiration that you feel you can reach
  • Applying these techniques to develop a greater awareness of yourself, and the motivations or behaviors of others, and so creating a sustainable and joyous career
  • Creating a culture which constructively engages others in the co-creativity of mutual benefit, whereby strategic objectives are achieved, allowing your abilities to effectively resolve any challenge or change
  • Identifying how your presentation leadership creates influence and impact within your organization, then beyond to the world
  • Opening new horizons for your creative expertise, which will lead you to establish a culture of mutual productivity, uncompromising wealth, and immense excellence