The Magnetic Voice

A Pathway To Self-Mastery

“There is no other index of someone’s character so keen as their voice!” DISRAELI

Many of the Public Personalities, CEO’s, Actors, and general Clients who currently seek my skills wish to create new and exciting lives post the global pandemic, and are requesting inspirational points of vocal coaching, in order to gain:

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As Featured On GAIA TV

Discover how the most famous people in the world found their voice with Stewart Pearce.
Stewart returns to Gaia to discuss his unique voice techniques with reference to his late client
Diana, Princess of Wales.

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Great Speakers Are Great leaders
That resolve challenges fast

THE MAGNETIC VOICE fully embraces these needs, for a magnetic voice does not pierce the air or ear with the harsh metallic, nasal pinch of vocal tension. Instead, the magnetic voice is rich in color, tone, earthiness, and gravity. It is one that draws the listener into the inspiration of the speaker’s context, created by the fully embodied magnetic truth of the speaker’s heart. It is one through which magic is created, woven by the choice and richness of ‘spellbinding’ words that give flavor, significance, and meaning to the presentation.


The Magnetic Voice has a timbre that arises from a depth of life experience and emotional intelligence, that flows from being full lunged, limber lipped, and open throated. This voice carries the conviction of resonance, as each word holds the air in a mesmeric fashion – whilst actioning the power of meaning and truth in each pause.


Think of Barack Obama, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King Jr, Meryl Streep, Jacinda Arden, and Glenn Close………these voices draw you to listen, because of their ownership, embodiment, and splendor.

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Stewart pearce
STEWART PEARCE is a world-renowned Voice & Presence Coach who has spent the last forty years as the go-to Voice Coach for the great and the good. Stewart's work has inspired change during key moments of history, as you may read in ‘DIANA THE VOICE OF CHANGE’ concerning his work with the late Diana Princess of Wales, during the last two years of her life. Stewart has coached Margaret Thatcher, Anita Roddick, Vanessa Redgrave, Hugh Bonneville, Eddie Redmayne, and Mark Rylance - to name just a few. Stewart helps thought leaders and change makers to achieve a more authentic presence, as they ignite their radiance to broadcast their unique message in the world.
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Discover the potential within your voice via a fifteen-minute session with the Global Master of Voice – Stewart Pearce for just $100